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Music And A Dram: Die Lederpredigt by Folterkammer paired with Sometimes Goats by Birds Fly South

I’ve been a fan of Andromeda Anarchia’s music released under her DARKMATTERS moniker, so I was excited to hear her newer work with Folterkammer. I mean, the band name just exudes metal intensity and weirdness (the name is German for ‘torture chamber’). Die Lederpredigt features quite the concept: fairly approachable black metal but paired with alternating operatic vocals—and I mean actual opera-style singing, not just ‘angelic’ female vocals—and harsh vocals. Oh yeah, and the lyrics are all in German. And it’s something about a vengeful goddess and oppressive religious structures. And it’s pretty disturbing—y’know, in a good way. Opener “Die Nänie” throws some churchy organ washes out for mood, then right away we come to the album’s promise, whereby Andromeda Anarchia introduces her double-throated vocals. Real, honest-to-goodness (evilness?) opera juxtaposed with harsh vocals like wicked guttural imprecations. Think Maria Callas and Gollum, not your standard black metal apathetic un

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