Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New U2 album

I've not been this completely underwhelmed by a U2 record since Zooropa...

Philosophers of Rock: Update Numero Uno

The first release from The Philosophers of Rock, Fides Quaerens Intellectum, is well on its way to becoming the most fantastic almalgamation of melody and wisdom ever to be produced However, the vast majority of work put into this project thus far consists of elaborate ideas and rock star fantasies developed painstakingly, in full color, in my mind. But I am committed to making this happen to the very best of my ability.

I'm working on three songs right now; I've written about 3/4 of the lyrics to the title track and I have chorus lyrics and guiding ideas for two other tracks. My ultimate plan is to write and record five or six original songs with one or two covers. The album as a whole will center loosely on the theme of a medieval Christian approach to the relationship between faith and reason, especially as this perspective offers answers to modern problems with roots in Enlightenment Rationalism and Skeptical Empiricism.

If I pull this off right, the project will be for a wider audience than that niche market of Ph.D holders who think rock and roll is a rationally justifiable pasttime. My hope is that these songs will work on a level where the (maybe slightly above average) listener can enjoy them as pop songs.

As far as a "sound" for the album, there are a few different ways that might go. I have in mind a healthy eclecticism drawing from influences such as Bill Mallonee, Terry Taylor, Talking Heads, and Pink Floyd. However, a lot of the musical direction for the album will be determined by other people who get involved; in regard to the playing and engineering of the music, I'm reaching for a lot more than I can achieve by myself. Additionally, the project budget will impose some limitations: I have no budget.

Still, every time I think about The Philosophers of Rock or sit down to work on some lyrics, my excitement grows. This project is tied up with a lot that's going on in my mind and heart that I think will form a large part of my professional and personal life over the next few decades.

If you've read this far, you might be interested in the following project details...

Project Schedule:

-Write songs through spring/summer 2009

-Assemble musicians and record through fall/winter 2009

-Refine music and develop the larger package for release late spring 2010

Final Result

-Six to Eight song cycle; a loose concept record

-Offered as a free digital download/pay-what-you-want through

-Traditional physical CD w/ brief liner notes, lyrics, and sparse artwork through

-Limited edition Deluxe Bookset; CD housed in a 40-50 page full color book with expanded artwork, full lyrics, extended liner notes, and relevant essays, poetry, photography, etc. to further develop the ideas in the record and engage the audience through more avenues than sound alone can afford.

Sitting in the dark, my back against the wall
All her enlightenment had shewn me nothing at all
Only shapes without substance, no power to recall
Blinded under her spell, I had not foreseen my own fall
Now I lay me down on a pall, the bed in which she used to so enthrall me...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Career thought for the day

"The mere philosopher is a character, which is commonly but little acceptable in the world, as being supposed to contribute nothing either to the advantage or pleasure of societ [...]."

-David Hume, An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Philosophers of Rock

I've just created a myspace page for this project I've been planning. Please take a moment to check out