Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ben Craven Offers Your Last Chance To Hear

Ben Craven has opened pre-orders for his new cinematic progressive rock opus, Last Chance To Hear. Craven has leaned more heavily on the expansive, multi-part instrumentals this time around.

But he wants to make the vocals really count when they do show up, so he recruited a very special guest: William Shatner, the Rocket Man himself, provides vocals on the dramatic "Spy In The Sky Part 3."

Last Chance To Hear releases Tuesday, March 29, but you can grab your first listen now.

Monday, March 14, 2016

The March Playlist: Kissing Babies & Storming The Capitol

It's primary season, in an election year. It brings out the worst in America, and maybe some better things as well.

Regardless, you're gonna need music to politick to.

Enter The March Playlist: Kissing Babies & Storming The Capitol. It's got cynicism, apathy, despair, and a pinch of patriotism and higher ideals. It's also got a beat you can poll to.

1. W.G. Snuffy Walden- West Wing Opening Theme
2. Woody Guthrie- This Land Is Your Land
3. T Bone Burnett- I Can Explain Everything (long version)
4. Derek Webb- Jena and Jimmy
5. Alice Cooper- Elected
6. The Electric Mayhem- America
7. Dw Dunphy- Election Year
8. Bob Dylan- Workingman's Blues #2
9. Yes- America
10. They Might Be Giants- Vote or Don't
11. David Bowie- I'm Afraid of Americans
12. T Bone Burnett- I Can Explain Everything (short version)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Steve Hindalong Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Steve Hindalong has launched his Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund his second solo album, The Warbler. Indie Hindie has produced, written, and recorded a plethora of music in the 18 years since Skinny, but he's decided now to "surrender to the wind ten more songs" under his own name, rather than saving them for another artist he's producing or recording them with The Lost Dogs or The Choir.

Hindalong described that first solo album as a batch of "fuzzified folk tunes." Judging from the "O Hey Jimmy A" single that accompanies the Kickstarter, The Warbler will follow suit, except we should maybe swap "fuzzified" for "swirlified" since Marc Byrd is playing guitars. The new single also continues Hindalong's tradition of writing 'true-to-life' songs about his friends, with the new song mentioning Jimmy Abegg's growing blindness, penchant for self-rolled cigarettes, and presence documenting the Route 66 trip taken by The Lost Dogs.

Having long-since proven himself a master lyricist even before Skinny, Hindalong has yet to falter, and his last album with The Choir was among their best. The Warbler promises to be personal, whimsical, earthy, genuine, and just really good. Kickstarter rewards include an autographed CD, PDFs of hand-written lyrics and charts, T-shirts, a drum head, and skype calls with Indie Hindie himself. Check it out.