Monday, September 5, 2016

The September Playlist: Kansas Is A Band

Kansas is a band--a band whose songs are played every day on classic rock radio ("Carry On Wayward Son," "Dust In The Wind"), who have toured frequently throughout their existence, and who return to the album charts this month (hopefully) with The Prelude Implicit, their first new studio album in 16 years.
In celebration of this monumental release, we've compiled a playlist of one song from each of Kansas' previous studio albums, arranged chronologically. You may hear some songs you recognize, while others may turn you on to albums you forgot existed. These selections run the gamut of Kansas' classic sounds, from outright prog to southern boogie to ballads and harder-edged rock.

1. "Bringing It Back" from Kansas
2. "Lamplight Symphony" from Song For America
3. "Mysteries And Mayhem" from Masque
4. "Opus Insert" from Leftoverture
5. "Closet Chronicles" from Point Of Know Return
6. "Angels Have Fallen" from Monolith
7. "No One Together" from Audio-Visions
8. "Chasing Shadows" from Vinyl Confessions
9. "End Of The Age" from Drastic Measures
10. "We're Not Alone Anymore" from Power
11. "Inside Of Me" from In The Spirit Of Things
12. "Black Fathom 4" from Freaks Of Nature
13. "The Sky Is Falling" from Always Never The Same
14. "When The World Was Young" from Somewhere To Elsewhere
15. "Blood In The Water" from Native Window

Friday, September 2, 2016

area251 Records Seeks a Kickstart to Reissue The Clingers' 1969 Single "Gonna Have A Good Time"

The Clingers--Melody, Patsy, Peggie, and Debbie--were one of the early all-female rock 'n' roll groups. With Kim Fowley producing their cover of The Easybeats, they can also be seen as something of a proto-proto-punk predecessor of The Runaways.

Now, area251 Records wants to re-issue The Clingers' 1969 single, "Gonna Have A Good Time," on 7" vinyl, with a couple of color options. The Kickstarter campaign is straightforward: area251 Records is looking to raise enough money for licensing and manufacturing. This is a cool opportunity to bring a bit of history into the present, while bringing the spotlight to a group whose importance has not been reflected in their place in popular consciousness.