Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Wait, Is Liking Taylor Swift No Longer Cool? I Thought Liking Taylor Swift Was Cool

According to a possibly unrepresentative and certainly methodologically unsound sampling of young college students*, it's not cool to like Taylor Swift.

While causal factors are unknown, early hypotheses suggest this shift in attitude springs from the use of a Right Said Fred sample.

Do these results confirm that “the young people” have no musical taste? Or do they challenge fogey-notions of a homogenous youth culture?

One thing is certain from this study: nobody dislikes Adele.

Seriously, everyone adores Adele. She’s lovely.

*I just asked a group of like, 15 young college students. That can’t be statistically significant.

Monday, September 25, 2017

The September Playlist: Unfold The Future by The Flower Kings

The wonderful folks at Inside Out Music have announced that Unfold The Future, the epic-est of epic albums from The Flower Kings, will make its way to vinyl for the first time on November 03, 2017. To correct overcompression in the original release, Roine Stolt has remixed "The Truth Will Set You Free," "Devil's Playground," and "Black & White" for this 3LP/2CD set.

In celebration--and to rectify the difficulty of finding a properly ordered legal upload of the album online--we've created a YouTube playlist that follows the correct album order for the original 2CD release. Feel free to thank us in the comments or on our Facebook page, and let us know which other expansive 2CD albums you'd love to see make their way to vinyl for the first time.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Bandcamp Daily Goes Prog!

Ever a fount of great new music and concise, thoughtful commentary, the Bandcamp Daily has turned its attention to "The New Face of Prog Rock." Jeff Terich offers a brief yet nuanced history of progressive rock before spotlighting several contemporary groups who take a progressive approach to metal, psychedelic, ambient, fusion, post-rock, and more.

Have a look and more than one listen, then feel free to comment with links to more progressive artists on Bandcamp, or take up the conversation and listening party with us on Facebook. For starters, we would add to the list with Krautrockers Weserbergland:

Americana outfit Sleepy Driver:

And UK Pastoral Proggers Big Big Train: