Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Radiant Dregs Can't Sleep, and Now Neither Can You

Tall Hamper With A Flip Lid, the latest release from The Radiant Dregs, is essentially a children's album--albeit, a children's album composed while hearing voices of indeterminate intention, hallucinations (or are they?) brought on by severe sleep deprivation. These could be the lullabies that dead people sing to the kid from The Sixth Sense, or even better, from Alice Cooper and his monster "friends" to little Steven.

The Dorfsmiths have been creating edgy (read: on the edge of sanity), DIY albums for over a decade, but their last few releases have progressed toward an effective brevity. Tall Hamper is their most focused expression yet; this is just over 20 minutes of insomniac musings, phased guitars, and the kind of creepy innuendos that only a happily married parental unit could rise to. Ultimately, the approach here is a folk one. This is an album by the people, for the people, and maybe especially for the littlest people, if you need some lines to mutter while rocking them back to sleep at 3am.

Available from The Radiant Dregs' Bandcamp, choose your own price.

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