Saturday, June 25, 2016

Jon Anderson Releases Video Clips for New Anderson/Stolt Album

Though InsideOutMusic has been shipping LPs for weeks now, and reviews are pouring in, very little music from the new Anderson/Stolt album Invention of Knowledge has made it into the Internet wild. Until now.

On his Facebook page, Jon Anderson has posted two short video clips to accompany the opening and ending of the opening track to Invention of Knowledge. While the clips are only around 1:30 each, they feature animated stills from the album artwork, as well as recent footage of Anderson singing the lyrics. This seems like quite a bit of work for such a short promotional clip, so perhaps this is a hint that a full music video for "Invention" (surely an edit rather than the full 23:00 song) will be released to coincide with the album's July release in the US.

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