Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The July Playlist: Summer Jamz

What does it take to make a song worthy of the title 'summer jam'?

Common ingredients seem to include pop hooks, bouncy rhythms, electric guitars, and topics such as romantic love, sunshine, cars, and dreams for the future. It probably also helps if it cruises well and includes some catchy theremin licks.

The following playlist includes all of the above ingredients.

1. Haley Reinhart- Show Me Your Moves
2. Prince- Compassion
3. Yes- Roundabout
4. ELO- State of Mind
5. They Might Be Giants- Bills, Bills, Bills
6. Anneke Van Giersbergen- Take Me Home
7. Leigh Nash- The State I'm In
8. Chuck Berry- Maybellene
9. Bill Mallonee- Wintergreen
10. Brian Wilson- Good Vibrations
11. Paul Gilbert- Make It (If We Try) + Full I Can Destroy album stream

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