Tuesday, April 18, 2017

That Singles Life: Your Saturday Sins by Dw. Dunphy

We told you this was coming; now it's here.

Dw. Dunphy's first 7", "Your Saturday Sins" b/w "Nothing's Harder Than A Song," is hand-lathed and cut at 33 1/3 rpm, in an extremely limited (no, really) edition pressing. The record looks and sounds great, bringing out both the brightness of the keys and the almost Eddie Offord/Yessongs-esque (take that as you will) sense of space that Dunphy imbues to his relatively lo-fi recordings.

The long overdue resurgence of the vinyl format has brought its share of setbacks; namely, the cost and long wait times at the major pressing plants can make it prohibitively difficult for the most independent of artists to release their music on this beloved physical disc. Remember when independent and fiercely regional small-run releases made up the majority of albums being released? Me neither, but the bins at my local Goodwill tell an intriguing anthropological story. Hopefully, the recent increase in pressing machines (at both Third Man Records and URP) and the proliferation of smaller hand-lathing operations will promote an increased diversity and affordability in the vinyl market. "Your Saturday Sins" is a lovely example of the joy of tangible musical accomplishment in this world of sound and fury, often pressed to nothing.

"Your Saturday Sins" is out now on Introverse Media Ltd., available for purchase from Bandcamp

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