Friday, August 11, 2017

The August Playlist: Prog + Yoga = Proga

Looking to integrate your soul, body, & mind through breathing, stretching, & mindfulness? In the mood for some musical accompaniment with just a bit more structure and pep that incorporates but expands upon the simple ambient swirls and gentle piano chords you're used to?

We've got ya covered. Introducing: Proga.

The initial playlist comprises four movements for a 30 minute session: Mindful Breathing, Awakening the Spirit, Meditation & Acceptance, and Closing Reflection. Feel free to explore this playlist with whatever poses you like, at whatever pace you like.  


1. "Breathe (In the Air)" by Pink Floyd
2. "Awaken" by Yes
3. "The Second Brightest Star" by Big Big Train
4. "Ghost" by Devin Townsend Project

Let us know how it goes in the comments or on our Facebook page, and feel free to suggest compositions for a future Proga Playlist.

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