Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The October Playlist: A Journey Through All Hallow's Eve

The Night of the Great Pumpkin is upon us once again, and you'll be wanting some music to accompany your celebrations. We've got you covered with a playlist to guide you through the four stages of an All Hallow's Eve, so please enjoy this carefully curated selection of ghoulish and goofy tunes as you bob for apples, full-size candy bars, or perhaps something a bit stronger.

Trick or Treat
"Keepin' Halloween Alive"—Alice Cooper
"Skullivan"—They Might Be Giants
"I Love You So Much (It's Scary)"—Boyz 4 Now

Halloween Party Games
"Vampolka"—Devin Townsend Band
"Zombies in the Mall"—Gizmodrome
"Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)"—David Bowie

The Witching Hour
"Dead Eyes"—Casualties of Cool
"Spooky"—Starflyer 59
"The Great Gig in the Sky"—Pink Floyd

Early Morning Cocktails
"Great Pumpkin Waltz"—Vince Guaraldi Trio
"Damned and Divine"—Tarja
"Devils, Angels & Saints"—Dead Artist Syndrome

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