Saturday, January 27, 2018

Andy Tillison Teases New Direction for Solo Project The Kalman Filter

What's going on in this image? What secrets reveal themselves if one gazes steadily at the lower left portion of the rectangle? Apparently, the answer is that one will have obtained some kind of insight into the story behind the music of The Kalman Filter, or at least strained their retinas on the new album's new cover.

Having originally announced a new ambient electronic album inspired by his walks around Yorkshire reservoirs, Andy Tillison has teased a change in direction for this 'solo' musical project. Now, the album looks to explore inspiration light years away from the woods of Yorkshire, and the story of how it got there involves underground military bunkers, The Fierce and the Dead, mood boards, and an Unruly Pachiderm. In addition to providing quite a bit of silly fun, Tillison's teaser story seems to contain several clues that are presumably leading up to an official announcement for The Kalman Filter album's record label, release date, and possibly some guest musicians. Whatever its ultimate form, this debut release from Andy Tillison's new project (complementing but not replacing his work with The Tangent) is available for pre-order, including the option of hearing early demos that will probably differ greatly from the finished album. We can only hope that those Unruly Pachiderms overseeing the album's release will have the good sense to release Tillison' music and accompanying novella in a proper vinyl package.

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