Saturday, May 27, 2017

Saturday Matinee: Invention of Knowledge by Anderson/Stolt

Progressive Epics. Folky Meditations. Extended Jazz Improvisations. Some songs are just long, y'know? So when better to sit down and take it all in than on a Saturday with your beverage of choice in hand?

Today's Matinee: "Invention of Knowledge" comprises the first side of the Anderson/Stolt album of the same name (which we reviewed here). This 23 minute epic is a joyous, meditative exercise; Jon Anderson isn't content to tell you things in these lyrics when he can invent knowledge with you in a collaborative experience, and this seems to be the motivation grounding both his making of this album with Roine Stolt, and the results thereof as the listener is carried along by the 'stream of consciousness' lyrics.

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