Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Tangent Release Details for New Album, The Slow Rust of Forgotten Machinery

Andy Tillison and his EU Prog outfit The Tangent have released details and cover art for their new album, The Slow Rust of Forgotten Machinery. The album was first announced with last year's post-Brexit scorcher "A Few Steps Down The Wrong Road," and pre-preorderers have heard some demos, but now the album is finished and officially out on Inside Out Music on July 21, 2017.

As you can see, the album features stunning art from acclaimed comics artist Mark Buckingham. Musically, The Slow Rust of Forgotten Machinery features the debut of band leader Andy Tillison on drums as well as vocals, synths, and other keys, the return of Jonas Reingold, Luke Machin, and Theo Travis on bass, guitars, and sax & flute, respectively, and the album debut of Marie-Eve de Gaultier on vocals and keys. Unsurprisingly in light of the prog-punk indictment of "A Few Steps Down the Wrong Road" and this album's subtitle, Tillison references Roger Waters' politically challenging lyrics as an inspiration for his own approach on Slow Rust. The musical arrangements feature a classic Tangent approach to unabashedly bombastic progressive rock, with a bit of punk, jazz, and even techno adding nuance and texture.

The Slow Rust of Forgotten Machinery (or, "Where Do We Draw the Line Now?") will be available as a digital download, CD, or 2LP set on July 21, 2017. The Tangent are currently accepting pre-orders for a signed CD, while pre-order announcements for the vinyl edition--how that gorgeous Mark Buckingham art is meant to be enjoyed--are forthcoming.

1. Two Rope Swings
2. Doctor Livingstone (I Presume)
3. Slow Rust
4. The Sad Story of Lead and Astatine
5. A Few Steps Down the Wrong Road
6. Basildonxit

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