Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"Does Not Contain Grapefruit"

Seminar Brewing in Florence, SC, have quickly established themselves as one of my favorite regional breweries. I was fortunate to hang out with those folks at their first bottle release this past Saturday, and there was no way I was leaving without some fresh Citrocity.

Citrocity is one of two flagship IPAs for Seminar. This one features some darker malts, bringing the colour to a medium copper and supplying a medium-low malty sweetness to balance the hops. Nonetheless, Citrocity is all about the hops. The bitterness is moderate and lingering, but the real focus here centers on the late-addition flavor and aroma contributions. As soon as the cap leaves the growler, I'm surrounded by the grapefruit-and-papaya bouquet. In the flavor these two fruits continue to assert themselves, accompanied by slightly-bitter melon rind. Every element is prominent yet balanced.

Citrocity has my vote for best IPA from SC. Though, it does face some stiff competition.

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