Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Jerry Chamberlain (Daniel Amos, etc.) Reveals Album Cover To Pledge For

Jerry Chamberlain is, like so many of the artists we love most here at Radio Eclectic, running a Kickstarter campaign to finance a new album. Critical Mass will arrive as Chamberlain's first solo album, but he's more than earned a reputation through his work with Daniel Amos, Boy-O-Boy, and as backing vocalist on half the Christian albums in your older brother's record collection.

A sample clip has been released; this sounds like lots of driving percussion and crunchy guitars, somewhat reminiscent of the garage-fest that is Daniel Amos' Bibleland. Chamberlain has also revealed the album's cover, and how could you not pledge after seeing this beauty?

If I were digging through crates and ran across this gem, I would buy the album on the spot, no further info needed. Huge kudos to Steve Broderson for his work here. Chamberlain and co. are running a great campaign, too, featuring plenty of cool and--in typical Spot fashion--somewhat silly reward tiers.


Pam Mark Hall ~ Singer/Songwriter/Producer said...
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Pam Mark Hall ~ Singer/Songwriter/Producer said...

Please, please contribute to this overdue project from one of the most celebrated guitarists and songwriters. For every $50 you contribute, I will match it. Pam Mark Hall aka Pamelita of Pamelita & Parker. I promise, Jerry's songs are unlike any others I've heard. He is fearless. I've been a witness to the process and agony of the commitment of being true to the message, the voice, the life it takes to be the artist of Jerry Chamberlain. It is time for him to be supported and honored.

Radio Eclectic said...

Pam, that's an awesome offer!