Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Choir Blaze A New Trail In Ongoing Circle Slide Vinyl Campaign

The Choir​ are moving forward in their campaign to issue Circle Slide on vinyl for the very first time. In addition to colour-swirled vinyl, the campaign rewards include copies of their Live and on the Wing DVD/CD combo, art prints, t-shirts, and the 25th Anniversary Circle Slide CD w/commentary, for those that missed the CD reissue.

The campaign stretch goal is now, in a departure from the usual Kickstarter fare, not a matter of money. Instead, The Choir are looking to get more people involved; the stretch goal is to enlist 450 Pledgers, regardless of individual pledge amounts. To entice the hesitant, the band is giving away an Associate Producer credit (along with accompanying rewards), and the guys will sign any pledge rewards from $40 and up.

Get thee to a Kickstarter.

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